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El Proyecto de México 

This website was designed for two reasons. The first being that this was my project for the Paises Hispanohablantes project I was assingned, and also so that I can add onto this as I learn more about Mexico. Please enjoy your visit to the site, and feel free to look around. I have pictures, charts, maps, recipes, and other fun information intertwines with the boring, yet informative, fundamentals of the site. In the process, if you do not already know Spanish, you may pick up a few new words.
The first word is México (Meh-hee-co) which is the Spanish word for Mexico. The page titles are all in Spanish, so once you click on them, you should be able to figure out, if you do not already know, what they mean.


Lissa J.
Project Due:viernes el 31 de marzo
Sra.Rowe Español Uno. Periodo 8